‘Assembly Line to Revenue’ Interview with Dan Murdoch

Climbing the ladder in the B2B marketing world, especially in high-growth industries, takes a special type of persistence and personality. For Dan Murdoch, Head of B2B Marketing at WayUp, that grittiness and willingness to put in the long days has paid off.

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Climbing the ladder in the B2B marketing world, especially in high-growth industries, takes a special type of persistence and personality. For Dan Murdoch, Head of B2B Marketing at WayUp, that grittiness and willingness to put in the long days has paid off.

Dan has been a marketing whiz kid and self-starter since his early days in college. His passion for marketing and leadership became clear as he created an on-campus apparel business, pursued internship programs while he was still a student-athlete, and worked with local businesses to drum up support for the college’s student section. His ceaseless pursuit to learn and grow by diversifying his perspective has been the cornerstone for greater things to come.

Blazing a Path For Early Career Empowerment

Since then, Dan has always connected with young people – he was a tutor, camp counselor, coach and worked at Save the Children as an IT intern. He knew he wanted to find a way to use his natural skills in marketing to make early career professionals and students feel empowered. It should come as no surprise, then, that he found his way to WayUp, a go-to platform for college students and recent grads looking to find their dream internship or career.

With more than 3.7M early career candidates representing over 6,500 campuses, WayUp is the leading talent acquisition tool for college students and recent grads. WayUp has built a platform that empowers early career candidates to discover and be discovered by employers. In doing so, they have helped students cover the cost of college tuition, recent grads get their start in industries they never thought they could break into, and many others discover opportunities they couldn’t have known about before. The team is inspired by the connections they’ve made and the companies they’ve enabled to define their present and expand their futures.

As the Head of B2B Marketing, Dan is currently reinventing WayUp’s B2B marketing organization in order to build the disciplines and principles to generate predictable revenue growth. With a clear market fit and strong customer stories, there’s a vast amount of opportunity to connect an ever-growing applicant marketplace to the companies that are pursuing to find them. Dan thinks about the big picture, always looking at what components that can help his team achieve company-wide goals, and how individual skills, tech, and operations can help get it done.

“You’ll hear: ‘Okay – Let’s grow total bookings in ACV by 115% in the next fiscal year.’ Answering the fundamental question of ‘How’ is the challenge immediately faced. What’s the best way for our teams, sales and marketing, to operate in order to set clear expectations on what is the formulaic approach to achieve the aforementioned goal. The answer for both teams embraces the same principle in understanding how productivity, both in human and variable capital, allow us to deliver the desired result. I take the approach of explaining exactly what each team member needs to achieve in order for us to accomplish company-wide goals.”

Dan is already thinking about these questions at WayUp, and even though he is still new to the team, the company is already seeing success with several initiatives, including case study assets with Unilever, Johnson&Johnson, and Thermo Fisher. Like any B2B marketer, he is also focused on delivering revenue and “thinking about dollar signs,” which is where an account-based omni-channel strategy, and way EverString powers it, comes in.

EverString Helps WayUp Put Power Behind Their Product

Because Dan is building a B2B marketing program from the ground up, he needs to be agile and accurate. For him, this starts with understanding his total addressable market and building strategies around the many audiences he will be connecting with in the near future. With EverString, Dan is able to look at different types of data and gain insights about companies, whether it’s related to revenue or technology. For him, the biggest pain points he had experienced in the past were centered around knowing which companies he should he going after. EverString has been able to put him one step closer to getting that crucial sales intel – something he’s coined as an “assembly line of revenue.”



“Having that layer of intelligence at the forefront of everything that you’re doing … it’s the most important component,” Dan explained. “Creating that archetype of the ideal customer, and then comparing that archetype against the rest of the world is an incredibly powerful dynamic for you to have as an inbound marketer and outbound sales organization to better empower people to do what they do best.”

In the future, Dan plans on further utilizing EverString’s capabilities to increase productivity on his team by finding more target accounts and fueling his account-based strategy for growth at WayUp. He also wants to use the platform to get a better understanding of niche markets, which has was a difficult thing to through traditional channels. We’re excited that EverString is the first resource on WayUp’s “assembly line to revenue” as the company continues to grow and build even more pathways for student empowerment.

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