Lessons from COVID-19: Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

I’m of the belief (and hope) that there will never be another time in my professional history where I will stare so deeply into the face of adversity. Layoffs, budgetary freezes, and intense uncertainty manifested at a blinding pace.

I’m of the belief (and hope) that there will never be another time in my professional history where I will stare so deeply into the face of adversity.  Layoffs, budgetary freezes, and intense uncertainty manifested at a blinding pace.  The world was coming to a screeching halt and there was nothing I could do to change it.  The illusion of control was lost and the unwinding economic ramifications became excruciatingly real.

My story will likely resonate with most given that the economic fabric of this country was so deeply and universally disrupted.  However, the purpose of this post is to express the power and importance of resiliency, leadership, agility, and creativity that all teams, Marketing specifically, should posses in times of crisis.

Despite the devastating impact COVID-19 has had, I consider myself extremely fortunate to have worked at a technology company that’s so deeply embedded in an industry such as Hospitality.  It brought us that much closer to the hearts and minds of our community as we felt compelled to answer the question of, “what do we do next and how can we best support our customers and their employees in a time of need?”  This was our response.

COVID-19 Employee Health Check Platform

A robust platform for conducting health assessments that builds employee and customer trust. Reopen, safely.
  • Built into Harri Live and TeamLive mobile apps, managers or employees can complete symptom screenings and employee temperature checks prior to employees entering the location. Screening questions can be customized by location, region, county, or state.
  • Easily generate and print a Health Check summary for guest-facing purposes. Options include a unique design for display on a restaurant front door and delivery and/or drive-thru orders.
  • Enable employees to wear a Health Check sticker certifying that they completed their daily screening for guests and team members to see.
Interactive map, updated daily, that outlined state by state employee temperature and health screening requirements.

#HospitalityUnite a Mission to Help Millions of Displaced Workers

Harri, an end-to-end workforce management software platform serving 20,000 restaurant and hotel locations that represent over 3 million hospitality employees is actively partnering with organizations like CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger, Fareway, Amazon, and many others to offer temporary work opportunities to displaced hospitality workers in the United States and the United Kingdom.

By centralizing the surging demand of these actively hiring organizations, these businesses can rely on a channel that offers a concentration of talent possessing food handling qualifications, customer service expertise, and experience in face-paced working environments during the period of the crisis, free of charge.  On behalf of displaced workers, the portal offers a simple access-point to discover employment opportunities in a time of uncertainty

As Featured on BBC News

“COVID-19 means change in everyone’s daily life, and Amazon is working hard on different initiatives that support employees, communities, and customers during this difficult time. An example of the support is the recent collaboration with Harri. Since the launch of the portal, we have already received a great number of applications!”

Modiara Kamps, Talent Attraction Marketing & Employer Branding at Amazon

Amid Layoff Cris, Harri Responds With Messaging Platform

Carri, the first personalized communication platform that enables businesses to directly engage their displaced team members. Positioned as a response system, Carri acts as a conduit between an organization and both their active and laid-off team members, offering information and assistance throughout this challenging time.

Carri is an AI-powered, agile communication framework capable of delivering personalized SMS messages answering employee’s most pressing questions, broadcasting communications and maintaining a connection with team members ahead of eventual return. Businesses can leverage pre-built FAQs, centralize and respond to unique questions and ensure that meaningful engagement can take place.

“It’s painful to witness the unrelenting rise in layoffs across our industry. We quickly identified that a major risk to employers is an inability to re-start their businesses due to permanent displacement of their employees over the weeks and months ahead” said Luke Fryer, Founder and CEO of Harri. 

“Carri provides a digital lifeline between employers and displaced team members to help reduce permanent displacement and industry abandonment. Simply put, you can’t reopen the doors if there is no one standing behind them to operate the business. It’s all about keeping talented employees close to make the re-building phase easier for all.”

COVID-19 Recovery Guide

  • None of us planned for this. We’ve moved quickly to help provide a framework of thinking for HR, Recruitment, and Operations leaders.
  • Practical steps to consider at each stage of the crisis.
  • A simple and intelligent tool to help plan for staffing dynamics.

Mental Wellbeing Courses

  • In partnership with UpSkill People and MIND, we’re providing access to courses that distribute instructional mental health and well-being content, free of charge.
  • This includes stress and anxiety awareness and an entire module for managing a team’s wellbeing.

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