[CAMPAIGN]: Fair Workweek GTM

Centering a best-in-class, integrated thought-leadership strategy to drive product awareness and buying intent.

Integrated, Interactive Content Marketing Strategy

The Challenge: Fair Workweek regulations are being enforced across the nation. These â€˜predictive scheduling’ laws aim to promote flexibility for shift workers and protect against unfair scheduling practices. How to navigate these complex regulations, amongst other intensive operating realities remains a hot button issue.

Thesis: Center a best-in-class, integrated thought-leadership strategy to drive product awareness and buying intent.

HarriX – Strategic Localized Event

Launched a proprietary event series, under the banner of ‘HarriX’, hosted in a strategic market (NYC) inviting senior Operation, HR, and Finance leaders for an evening of networking and a hosted panel. The panel was intentionally comprised of senior leaders from highly-regarded brands, legal, and company subject-matter experts from Harri. Simultaneously, we recorded all the footage to repurpose for a broadcast a short time after to the broader TAM.

Highlight Reel from the Evenings Activities

Content Marketing Sequencing & Strategy

From the recorded HarriX session, we then built a demand generation campaign that broadcasted the session with the feel of a ‘live’ experience.

Upon completion of the broadcast, we created an interactive recap and on-demand access for team-wide use and for audience engagement. All of these touch-points are choreographed to accumulate engagement and generate an opportunity to ID clear intent.

Webinar Recap: The State of Scheduling: Exploring 2020’s Labor-Related Challenges Interactive Page

The next step was to develop research and insights that we owned. Scheduling related complexities in hospitality continue to be a significant challenge in 2020 as cross-functional leaders scramble to build processes that can actively comply with what’s known as Fair Workweek or Predictive Scheduling Laws.  Successfully navigating scheduling-related legalities is integral to countless areas of the business and for the benefit of the industry, we want to hear how you’re responding.

  • Results that represent +5,300 Restaurants and +45,000 Employees
  • An analysis of how overall readiness, costs, and investigations are negatively impacting businesses
  • How accommodating for compliance is impacting business and labor operations
  • Press Release: LINK
  • Research Report: LINK
  • Earned Media Example: LINK

We viewed building digestible social and animated creative of vital importance to bring understanding to a very complex topic. A few examples below.

Digital & SEO Winning

FOIL Jurisdiction Research

Reached out to the local labor affairs offices of actively enforcing jurisdictions for all of their public records regarding investigations and settlement information. Successfully completed this for NYC, San Francisco, and Seattle. From that we developed compelling insights and content for sales pitches and analyst pitches that positioned as irrefutable subject matter experts.

Aggregation via Newsletter Strategy

In a monthly newsletter titled ‘Harri Insider’, syndicate all of this activity to the addressable market to yield more chances for engagement, interest, and express intent.

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