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[CAMPAIGN]: Fair Workweek GTM

Centering a best-in-class, integrated thought-leadership strategy to drive product awareness and buying intent.

HarriX: Highlights US & UK

An event series that challenged the conventional wisdom of traditional 'industry events'. Amazing content, people, drinks, and venues only.

Lessons from COVID-19: Leadership in Times of Uncertainty

I’m of the belief (and hope) that there will never be another time in my professional history where I will stare so deeply into the face of adversity. Layoffs, budgetary freezes, and intense uncertainty manifested at a blinding pace.

Dan Murdoch Joins ELS as Founding Member

Dan Murdoch joins elite group of Go-To-Market leaders as a founding member of ELS. In coordination with Stage 2 Capital, the Emerging Leaders Syndicate (ELS) is an invite-only, professional community bringing together the best minds in go-to-market who are interested in venture capital.