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Dan Murdoch Featured at Food+Tech Connect Event

Dan Murdoch, VP of Marketing, US & UK for Harri, presents at WeWork HQ to audience of industry leaders and investment community.

[VIDEO]: Frontline Explainer Format

The goal was simple. Bring the product 'to life' in the hearts and the minds of our ICP. Inspired by a narrative that follows the entire employee lifecycle of a restaurant team member.

[CAMPAIGN]: Wage Inflation Pressure GTM

Integrated, Interactive Content Marketing Strategy that Highly Differentiates Compelling, Validating, and Industry Relevant Information

[PODCAST]: Why Sales Development Should Report to Marketing

In this episode we talk to Dan Murdoch, Head Of Global Marketing at Harri. This is Dan’s 2nd time on the show, last time he shared, A 3 Part Formula to Ditch Traditional Lead Scoring w/ Dan Murdoch, Episode 831. For episode 939, Dan explains his position on why Sales Development should report into Marketing.